What is a bag raider?

The meaning of raider linked to the field of bag refers to large investors or speculators who opt for an undervalued company on the stock market which they can threaten or take control of said company. They are also known as sharks, since they buy the shares when their value is at a very low point, in order to have their control in the future and be able to sell them to the highest bidder and get the highest profitability possible with operation.

How do the raiders act?

The strategy generally followed by raiders is based on going public with large packages of shares of a company, and then 'giving the scare' to its board of directors. The next step usually taken by the speculator may be to make a OPA, a Public Offer for the Acquisition of Shares, or directly make an offer to those responsible for the company. This will force management to act quickly, either by repurchasing those packages at a higher price, in addition to 'indemnifying' the invader in a certain way with a large amount of money to abandon their attempts and forget of the operation. Another possibility is to throw yourself into the arms of another saving company, which usually ends with the merger of entities.

The emergence of a shark or raider and its subsequent withdrawal, always with a significant benefit in its pocket, implies that the attacked society ends up significantly increasing debt by having to reimburse a higher price for the shares that passed through the hands of the shark . In some cases, they have even focused their objectives on large dams, such as oil giants or companies from different sectors, which shows the power they can have.

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