What is a charter?

A charter is a legal and mandatory document for the constitution of a company, society or organization. Regardless of the legal form it has. The articles of incorporation are drawn up in order to serve as the legal basis for the incorporation of a company.

This document is drawn up by a notary public and is incorporated into the deed of incorporation of the society. The content of the articles of incorporation has to meet a series of requirements. Therefore, it is usually the notary himself who prepares and writes the document for the articles of incorporation. That later they will have to sign the partners or participants of the organization or business society.

Content of the Articles of Incorporation

The articles of incorporation contain all the relevant aspects and criteria that serve to define the way in which the company will act from its foundation. Although the content of the articles of incorporation varies depending on the type of company, there are certain data that must be included in all articles of incorporation. Are these:

  • Company Name: Name that identifies and with which the company that is being created will be named in the articles of incorporation.
  • Tax Identification Code: CIF, code assigned by the Tax Agency that serves as the tax identifier of the company or organization.
  • Corporate Purpose: The corporate purpose will be the work that the company is going to develop and on which its activity is also based.
  • Duration: Usually it is established that the duration is indefinite.
  • Registered Office: Data of the place that will appear as the domicile of the company for all purposes.
  • Partners: Name, ID and address of the participating partners of the company or organization.
  • Participation percentage: Percentage that each of the partners has in the company.
  • Form of administration: The way in which the company will be administered must be defined. The most common is that the partners are joint, sole or joint.
  • Appointments: After defining the form of administration, the representative positions of the company or organization are established.
  • Signatures: The signature of all the participants in the constitutive act, including the notary, will be recorded.

Incorporation of a company

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