What is company name?

The meaning of company name is the name by which a company is known legally and officially. With this name it will appear in the deed or in the document where the creation of it is recorded. The company name is used above all at an administrative, formal and legal level.

It must be clarified that the company name is not the same as the brand or commercial name of a company. The latter allow a company to be identified in the market, to give the business a name by which it will be known to consumers. Branding should focus on simplicity, which is easy to remember and at the same time inspires confidence. In most cases, the commercial name differs considerably from the business name.

The concept of company name will be used above all when completing a document, such as the issuance of a Bank check, or to take part in a legal process. For example, a shoe store may have a trade name of 'Calzados Ángel García', but its business name may be 'Angacal SL'.

The process of registering a company name is very rigorous, since it requires compliance with a series of rules and therefore it is very difficult to have plagiarism. All procedures are reviewed in detail.

The company name, therefore, will serve to identify the company in three areas of special relevance, such as administrative, legal and formal. It must include the data of the partners that make it up and if not all of them appear, the ending 'company' or an equivalent term can be added.

The society in question has to collect the initials of its classification. In the case of Limited Companies, SL, or Limited Companies, SA

Difference between brand, commercial norm and company name

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