What is an invoice?

An invoice is a commercial type document that is used to collect all the information related to the purchase and sale of a product or service. The concept of an invoice thus covers specific details about the operation in question, thus an invoice serves to demonstrate the delivery of a product or service after its purchase as proof.

Además, el Invoice template It depends directly on the product or service in question, how the purchase was and the needs of each moment.

Features of an invoice

When issuing an invoice correctly, each and every one of the data that has formed the operation must be included and recorded in it. These are the basic characteristics of the invoice that all, regardless of the type of invoice, must meet:

  • Purchased data and seller data
  • Product data or service data
  • Product information: the code, the unit, the parts purchased
  • The taxes to which the product or service is subject, for example the IVA
  • The time available for your return
  • The discounts that the product or service may have
  • Bonuses

All information about invoices

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