What is a distributor?

Today, a distributor is one of the economic agents that, within the commercialization of products, usually has enough power. The distributor is usually a company that acts as intermediary, and which buys goods or services to be able to offer it to other companies and these to the final consumer (they can also market to the final producer). The distributor is the intermediary who has the central role, before the wholesaler and after retailer.

The dealer has to take into account, among other things, the stock that is maintained, as well as having good management of the administration of the operations, as well as its sales.

It is also important to note that most distributors have agreements with a certain manufacturer (such as, for example, that they can only sell the products they manufacture to them), which limits the sale of those products to their competitors. In this sense, the distributor will enjoy a certain "privilege" as long as the conditions of the contract they have agreed upon are met.

Types of distributors

Finally, we have to talk about different types of distributors:

  • Food distributors. They are the best known, as they put important companies in the food sector in contact with end customers. For these companies, distributors are the easiest way to reach their final audience, which has reached an agreement to establish their products on the stands.
  • Technology distributors. They are in charge of distributing the ICT resources necessary to develop smart cities and efficient companies.
  • Distributors in the manufacturing sector. All the products or services necessary to carry out the manufacturing process, both infrastructure and products.
  • Among others.

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