What is Business to Business or B2B?

B2B refers to the expression business to business, which translated into Spanish would be business to business. A definition of B2B would include the different business models in which transactions of goods or the provision of services take place between two companies. This concept of B2B marketing is linked mainly to wholesale trade, although it can also encompass the provision of services.

¿Qué es el Business to Business?

The term B2B is used to talk about the transmission of information between manufacturers and distributors of a product, acquiring special relevance in the field ecommerce. The action is oriented on the supplier of goods and services, and not in the final consumer.

Therefore, B2B companies provide services to another company, with the purpose of increasing sales of the goods or services. It must be differentiated from the term B2C, which also aims to increase sales, but the shares of marketing they are made on the end customer directly.

Examples of B2B are companies that provide web content to others, either through positioning work, social media or blog posts.

Benefits of the B2B market

Below we list the different advantages of B2B:

  • Saving time: Business to business marketing aims to create brand image and multiply personal contacts. If it helps to have more presence in the market than reducing everything to B2C shares.
  • Saving money: if the B2B work is done properly, the positive brand image that will be created will help so that you do not have to invest more resources than strictly necessary in B2C marketing actions.
  • Personalization: The services and goods that are provided are increasingly equal, and there is also a great competition. That is why it is necessary to provide something different. The B2B service serves to position a company in the sector with its own identity.

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