What is trade marketing?

Who said that in the world of marketing nothing is possible? The concept of trade marketing is not very far from this reality, as it is usually one of the essential points within this science.

Trade marketing is the set of techniques and strategies aimed at making a point of sale as attractive as possible for its customers. The primary purpose of this technique is to create a good exchange experience (not a purchase) for the user when they are at that point.

Specifically, the marketing area most involved is that of distribution, which must choose and redesign its distribution channels to meet the objectives set by the company. Of which stand out:

  • The merchandising y branding company brand
  • More traffic is generated at the point of sale, since the user experience in that place has been increased and improved
  • Thanks to the promotions of the distributor or manufacturer, the purchase and sale of products or services is increased
  • The rotation of the products is greater, because it tries to improve your experience while being efficient with the quantity of products

In order to carry out trade marketing actions, it is necessary that there is an alliance or at least a joint strategy between the distributor and the manufacturer. The reason for trade marketing must be perfectly managed, establishing the objectives to be achieved and how to do it.

On the other hand, both distributor and manufacturer must agree and have conceptualized the idea of ​​how to extend the products on the shelves, be organized to agree on how they will do it, the objectives that are intended to be achieved with these actions (branding, promotions, notoriety, etc ...) and be coordinated with those responsible.

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