What is branding?

The concept of branding falls within the field of marketing. This English word refers to the process of building a brand, establishing the strategy to follow to manage the assets linked to a commercial name, symbols or logos.

These aspects influence the brand value and in the way consumers behave. A company with a good market positioning and a strong corporate identity has all the conditions to become a stable source of income in the future.

What branding aims to highlight is the power of the brand, those values ​​of an intangible nature, such as credibility and uniqueness, which help them to distinguish themselves from others and cause a unique impact on the market. Branding tries to reinforce those qualities that the brand transmits to the client and that represent their strength. This is how the user links a brand with a value, such as innovation, quality, originality, etc.

Branding features

A good branding strategy must:

  • Build trust and credibility.
  • Highlight the values ​​of a brand at all times.
  • Uncheck from the competition.
  • Reinforce the identity of the services or products.

These concepts are what a company must develop so that the client feels empathy with the brand and think about it when viewing services and products.

Branding elements

The branding of a brand encompasses a series of visual elements (symbol, trade name, colors, logo), which are projected to the public through a special typographic design. The combination of these provide a global appearance of the company, constituting a very important physical expression in the markets.

  • Symbol: it is the identity sign of a through a graphic.
  • Trade name: the name by which a company is recognized, which is usually different from the business name.
  • Logo: the name of the company consisting of letters, acronyms, abbreviations, numbers. In most cases their visual identity is elaborated with a special typeface adding a symbol to it.
  • Colors: they must show the articles in an attractive way, capturing the customer's attention and giving their own personality.

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