What is brainstorming?

The brainstorming concept, also known as brainstorming, is a group work tool that encourages the emergence of new ideas about a specific problem or topic. What is intended with this technique is to generate new original ideas in a relaxed environment.

Brainstorming was a proposal created by Alex Osborne in 1941 when his search for original proposals emerged in an interactive, unstructured group process that created better ideas than those that individuals could originate by working autonomously. In this way, the opportunity was given to make suggestions and recommendations on a topic and take advantage of the creativity of the participants to draw conclusions.

What is brainstorming for?

This brainstorming can be used when there is a need to:

  • Generate a large number of ideas.
  • Unleash the creativity of teams.
  • Look for opportunities to improve.

This makes it easier to solve existing problems, come up with different solutions, discuss new concepts and overcome conformism. In some cases it will help to find abusiness opportunityto develop in our company.

How to brainstorm?

Here are the steps to brainstorm. It is an easy exercise that will lead us to:

  1. Establish an issue or problem to address.
  2. A person must be appointed to lead the exercise.
  3. There should be an explanation of the process before you start brainstorming.
  4. They begin to contribute ideas freely without evaluating them.
  5. The different proposals that are emerging are listed and noted in a tool to create brainstormingIn this way, the main ideas are not forgotten and the most of them is taken out.
  6. Avoid repetitions of ideas as much as possible.
  7. Some brainstorming tools allow you to assess them, it is about offering a constructive opinion, not criticizing.
  8. Once there are no new ideas, the task is finished.
  9. Lastly, it is necessary to order and analyze the different proposals to assess their use and viabilityin the reality

Therefore, the definition of brainstorming in the field of companies has been used for a wide variety of topics such as the need to find new solutions to the products that arise, productivity and the need to find new methods that develop thinking creative.

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