What is a lead?

The definition of lead is those contacts who have provided us with their data through a landing page in exchange for content of interest to them. The landing page It can be the main page of a website or a specific page for a service or product. Therefore, they will voluntarily end up becoming contacts that become integrated into a company's database. The meaning of lead can be translated as "take the lead or overtake".

The leads in digital marketing industry they usually come through ads or good positioning SEO, and be managed by a landing page, a call center, etc.

What is a lead in marketing and what is it for?

Users who provide this information can be considered potential customers of a service or product. It is important to keep an eye on them to start a nurturing process in order to keep their attention and convert them into customers.

The greater the number of leads, the greater the chances of attracting new customers. Leads are considered the first step of the sale. When 100 sales out of 10 leads are obtained, the conversion rate will be 10%.

Lead types

Leads can be classified in three ways according to the phase of the purchase cycle they are in:

  • Lead: represents a contact in an early phase of the buying cycle, which is also known in a technical way as Tofu. It is a cold lead that is not yet ready to finish the purchase.
  • Marketing Qualified Lead: the MQL is a contact set as part of our target, which has options to become a client. You already know your need and are looking for a solution.
  • Sales Qualified Lead: the contact is in the final part of the buying cycle. It is considered a hot lead who has decided to value our services or products to satisfy their need.

How to make a customer database

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