What is coworking?

One meaning of coworking is the way of working that allows entrepreneurs, SMEs and independent professionals from different sectors to share the same workspace independently, but always with the possibility of generating synergies.

In recent years it has become a very interesting option for new entrepreneurs, since they can have an office without having to assume the high costes of a rent and other current expenses such as water, electricity or internet. The price of these spaces will be lower when shared with more people.

How does coworking work?

These coworking spaces provide those interested with the necessary furniture to be able to carry out their work, in addition to meeting rooms, internet connection, printers and photocopiers, among other things. The price varies depending on the needs of the professional, since it will depend on whether it is the rental of a space for an indefinite time or simply a meeting room for a few hours. It is usually between 30 and 250 euros.

Some examples of coworking can be Working Space, CINC, Gracia Work Center, Loft to Work, Coworking Vía Plata or La Guarida Creativa. Of the 40 points in Spain, most of them are concentrated in Catalonia and Madrid.

Advantages of coworking

The main advantage of coworking is saving fixed costs. The different costs of water, electricity, internet or heating are shared, which are of a community nature and are included in the stipulated rental price.

In addition to saving money, it also facilitates the possibility of relating to other professionals, either from the same branch or from other sectors. This exchange of information and experiences will be very interesting to generate new links and create outstanding projects in the future.

A wide variety of events and workshops also take place in these spaces, which facilitate the expansion of the network of contacts and the acquisition of new knowledge.


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