What is Premium?

When talking about premium we are talking about an adjective added to a service or product due to its characteristics, which are presented as special or of superior quality with respect to other services or products. In order to enjoy an offer of this caliber, the most common is that you have to pay a higher amount than the rest of the existing offers.

Premium services, as we have indicated, have additional features that provide advantages to users compared to the rest who do not. The opposite service to premium isfreemium, which is the term that designates goods and services that do not have the premium benefits.

Taking into account the benefits that can be obtained with this membership, we can find a great variety: from faster messaging services (Amazon Prime), to have a more efficient and comprehensive streaming service with improvements in the app (Spotify Premium) , access exclusive discounts for a subscription (e-mail marketing of some stores), having better and specialized customer service, better quality products for their materials (Mango or Zalando Privé), among many other advantages and benefits.

Although the qualifier of premium is more suitable for services, we must remember that a product can also be premium. Special or limited edition editions, for example, are the perfect example for this type of product. An example of them are the limited edition beers, made with specially treated barley barrels, or with a very exclusive design that commemorates special moments of the year (Carnivals, Christmas, summer, etc ...).

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