What is Premium?

When talking about premium we are talking about an adjective added to a service or product due to its characteristics, which are presented as special or of superior quality with respect to other services or products. In order to enjoy an offer of this caliber, the most common is that you have to pay a … Read more

What is Surety?

The surety or surety insurance is the guarantee given when something has been agreed to affirm a commitment or the fulfillment of a promise. The main objective of said insurance is to ensure that the commitments that have previously been agreed upon will be fulfilled in a given service. In the event that this does … Read more

What is antidumping?

To begin with, we must know what the practice of commercial dumping means. He dumping it is about a supplier breaking the rules of one country in another by selling the products at a different price (usually lower). For this reason, it is an illegal practice: one country has the advantage of having the same … Read more