What is upselling?

El upselling o up-selling es una técnica marketing to improve sales born in the United States. Used by the vast majority of shops and department stores, it consists of inducing a customer to buy a product of higher value than the one they had planned to purchase. It is also understood that it is upselling when the seller gets the customer to purchase not only more expensive products, but additional warranty contracts, future updates or complementary products.

Ultimately, upselling is based on inducing the buyer to spend more in order to obtain a more profitable sale.

Estrategias the upselling

These are some of the most used upselling strategies:

Discount on superior items

This technique consists of offering discounts on higher-end items. They can be done when purchasing another product and with a limited period of time. It is also applied generically to higher-end items to encourage the customer to buy these instead of mid-range or lower-end items.

Premium brand

This technique is based on recommending the purchase of premium products or reference brands instead of normal or private label products. To be successful with this technique it is important that the salesperson offers good customer service and advises without being excessive.

Added service

It consists of offering a service added to the product at the time of purchase with a price more reduced. It is very common in the electronics and furniture sector, in which additional guarantees are offered to the product, maintenance or assembly and installation.

Premium services

Premium services have had a great boom on the Internet. Applying upselling, this technique consists of offering certain exclusive content or services in exchange for a higher fee.

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