What is sustainability?

In general, when we speak of sustainability we refer to the possibility of satisfying the current needs of society and ensuring economic growth while respecting the environment and society in general.

As we have advanced, sustainability is not only limited to the environmental field. It can also refer to economic terms, when it is preferred to follow models that are sustainable both for the as for the people who are involved. And it can also refer to social terms, when it is sought that equality in the society in which the company's actions are present is comparable for all.

Many of the problems in society today are caused by poor sustainability. It is becoming more and more common to be aware of them; Problems arise but very few solutions are attempted.

Companies have a lot to do in this area. They must readjust their strategies to the right levels to create the right expectations for sustainability. European organizations reward and finance this type of practice, which in addition to ensuring social welfare, also ensures a high return on investments made in sustainability.

For their part, it should be mentioned that some EU bodies do impose laws and restrict some practices to ensure certain minimums of sustainability. So much so, that entrepreneurs are recommended to establish the development of their objectives through a purely ethical basis and focusing on thesustainable developmentand respect for the environment. This could prevent future strategic readjustments or even save some clashes with EU policies in this direction.

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