What is social benefit?

Social benefits can ensure that a company's returns on work, time and solutions are achieved with high expectations.

Specifically, we refer to social benefit when companies They offer their workers some additional benefits to wages. The objective of these benefits is based on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving the quality of life of the employee, attending to their basic needs, training them in new skills and enhancing their satisfaction in the labor market (enhancing their performance and productivity).

However, we have to move away from the concept to salary improvements, retributions in kind or improvements in rights within the company.

As we have indicated, those actions carried out by the company in favor of the worker and that improve their expectations towards it will be welcome. Not just expectations, but the way you work (hence your performance is improved) and live your personal life.

Examples of social benefits in companies

There are many ways that companies help employees. We show you some of the examples of social benefits that organizations usually use:

  • Meal ticket vouchers: If an employee lives far from the workplace, the vouchers may allow them to eat at some discount near the place where they work.
  • Gas station ticket vouchers: the same thing happens as in the previous example.
  • Access to work clothes: some companies give their employees the right uniform or clothing for work free of charge.
  • Programs to have a healthy diet or physical exercise.
  • Financing for studies: very common in high-level companies, including large hotel chains, banks or those that have a special social service.
  • Aid to pay for school supplies.
  • Leisure activities (or discount for them).
  • Recognizable business rewards: this is the case of recognitions such as "employee of the month", "most proactive worker", etc.

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