Dollar Bull.

A dollar bull is an investor who believes that the value of the US dollar will increase in the future. They may take a long position in the currency by buying USD-denominated assets such as US government bonds. A dollar bull is the opposite of a dollar bear, who believes that the value of the … Read more

Understanding Forex Arbitrage.

Forex arbitrage is a trading strategy that seeks to profit from discrepancies in the prices of identical or similar financial instruments. The strategy involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of assets in order to take advantage of price differences in different markets. Arbitrageurs aim to profit from temporary imbalances in the price of a security. … Read more

What is an advance?

The payment or collection of an operation in advance of the period or moment of delivery of the provision of a service or the delivery of certain merchandise previously agreed, is known as an advance. An advance, then, supposes a prior payment before carrying out a main operation (either the provision of the service or … Read more

What is the CPI?

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is that index that collects the change in prices, month by month. Through the CPI you can assess the cost of living through items such as food, housing, transportation, health care, entertainment, clothing and other expenses. It collects the price increase of a consumer basket, also known as a "family … Read more

What is the cadastral value?

The definition of cadastral value is the administrative value determined from the data in the real estate cadastre. It is important to know this valuation to determine the minimum price that can be given to a property, as well as to know exactly the amounts of the different taxes that will be paid annually for … Read more