What is the Technostructure?

The concept of technostructure comes from JK Galbraith and refers to the group of technicians or professionals (such as economists, marketers, engineers, lawyers, etc.) who run large companies and who have enough power to make business decisions.

Let's say that, depending on the power they take within the company, the technostructure will determine the power or decision-making that a group of people can carry out in a given company.

The term is closely linked to technology: Galbraith assures that thanks to the appearance of new technologies and large investors in the economy, decision-making power does not only fall on whoever deposits the money. capital in the company. This means that, really, the power of decision rests on the "set of technicians that constitutes the true head of the modern company".

Galbraith assures that the primary objective of the modern capitalist company is not the obtaining of profit, but the growth of the company. To do this, once again, he mentions the importance of technology and the need to rely on it in order to carry out this business growth.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the need for research into the technical progress that the company must experience, regardless of the needs of the public to which it must submit. However, the market and its needs are not displaced, quite the contrary: greater effort is made to know what is to be achieved and the needs that must be covered.

In this sense, it is said that it is the company itself that determines what the consumer's needs are and tries to satisfy them and not the other way around, as happened previously.

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