What is an organization chart?

When we speak of an organization chart, we refer to a graphic representation of a company or organization, configured as a hierarchical and functional diagram. That is, a diagram, in which the different positions of the company are represented, from the top to the bottom. Blocks are usually established, based on functions or other criteria. Organizational charts can be horizontal, vertical, mixed, structural, circular, scalar ...

What is an organization chart for?

It is important to bear in mind that the growth of the company will have, in its day, effects on the determination of the hierarchy and the chain of command of the company. . On the other hand, growth can occur vertically or horizontally. The usefulness of an organization chart is that it allows the definition and maintenance of the company's structure. But it also contributes to improving the division of labor and the grouping or distribution of tasks.

Likewise, it helps to obtain information and improve the decision-making of the company and to examine the reality of the company against its graphical representation, allowing to avoid coherence imbalances or duplications. Regarding the design, the visual scheme is usually linear and vertical, although there are organization charts with a more horizontal dimension. The types of organization charts They are very numerous, being able to speak of general or analytical organization charts, depending on whether they give a simplified or more detailed vision of the form of the organization of the company or entity in question.

Even in the case of analytical flowcharts, it may be necessary to carry out supplementary flowcharts to take into account all the characteristic variables that are of interest. Whatever the type of organization, it develops from the top to the base, settling in the first, senior positions or management positions, lower, the managers, and, so on, even the most basic positions of the company.

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