What is an imagotype?

Although the term belongs to the branch of graphic design, it is important that we take it into account for different actions that we can take in the company and the marketing. Thanks to graphic design, different marketing actions can be taken in the company, something extremely necessary to take into account so as not to make decisions insane.

Specifically, the concept of an imagotype is the sum of 3 more concepts: image + logo + type. Putting these 3 concepts together we come to the conclusion that the imagotype refers to those trademarks that have an image and a text as a representative logo of your company.

Those companies that present an imagotype do so for pure marketing: they present the image or icon of the essential company in the logo, and next to it a text (usually the name of the brand). All this together forms a perfect visual and sound element so that the user who sees it is easier to remember what brand it is.

However, in practice this is not the case. There are many companies that obtain by not including the text or image to their products or services that they carry out. This happens especially when it comes to printing the image on them, which is usually expensive and laborious in some cases, hence they avoid doing it.

The position of the text and the symbol image that is rendered may vary depending on the brand. You can present the brand on one side and the text on the other, or above the brand and just below the text, or above the text and below the brand, etc ...

It is important that when creating an image logo, the colors that conform to the text and the image match well, to create a more pleasing visual effect for the consumer. On the other hand, it is possible to include some texts on the symbol of the brand, which is more attractive and more striking.

In general, there are countless designs. It only depends on the colors that are chosen (which will be in accordance with the goals and the philosophy of the company) and the symbol that represent them in order to be able to clearly design a good logo.

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