What is the NIE?

The Foreigner's Identification Number or NIE, is a code that serves to uniquely identify foreigners residing in Spain. Being in possession of the NIE is necessary to be able to work legally in Spain, as well as to register or to buy a vehicle.

If a foreign citizen wants to start a company in Spain, it will also be necessary to have a NIE.

How is it and is it requested in the NIE?

Issued by the National Police, the NIE has one letter, seven numbers and a verification code.

To make the request, it is necessary to present the following information and documents at the police station or center where it will be processed.

  • Original application, which is called EX 15, completed and signed and a photocopy (returns the original to the applicant).
  • Passport and photocopy
  • Address in Spain
  • One written reason to justify the need for the NIE. This document can be issued by a notary, a future employer ...

Differences between NIF and NIE

The main difference between both documents is the nationality of the bearer of the document. The NIF is for citizens with Spanish passports, while the NIE is assigned to citizens with passports from other countries, whether or not they are from the UniĆ³n Europea, who reside and work legally in Spain.



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