What is a newsletter?

It is understood by newsletter, a newsletter or update bulletin. That is, a publication that sends to its clients or interested persons, who have previously given their consent.

Originally the meaning of newsletter was the letter that was sent by ordinary mail with the news or news. Hence its name. However, with the digital revolution and new technologies, it is much cheaper, more operational and faster to do it online. Furthermore, the digital newsletter supports many more possibilities than a paper newsletter.

How do you make a newsletter?

There are many ways to create the newsletter. From a handmade design and specific confection, with publication in pdf or another format, to the new tools provided by the platforms of email marketing, or various specific plugins for the realization of this type of newsletter. These tools greatly facilitate the task, with the possibility of using templates or creating new formats.

They are so easy to use that by simply clicking, dragging and dropping, infinite formats can be configured. It is also possible to adjust them to the style or colors that we like, and fill them with the latest news, promotions or anything else that may be of interest to users.

The types of digital newsletter are very diverse, as is the frequency with which they are sent. Weekly or fortnightly newsletters tend to predominate. But there are also monthly, quarterly newsletters ...

The newsletter continues to be a very effective communication channel with subscribers, users or clients, and, in addition to being able to apply email marketing techniques, it has numerous advantages that we summarize below.

Advantages of a newsletter

Subscribers appreciate the content of the newsletter, since they have requested to receive it, and, if they do not like it, or do not want to continue receiving it, they only have to unsubscribe from the subscription list.

It allows to influence subscribers indirectly, and that they are informed of the latest promotions and news of the company, products or services.

Finally, the newsletter does not imply a large financial investment and is a source of traffic to the web.

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