What is Open Source?

Open Source or open source is a software development model that is based on open collaboration, that is, the program in question is allowed to be modified in an open way, with the freedom that expert users on the subject can choose how the program will work and change certain characteristics of it.

Many open source programs are used in the field of as work tools, as functional as other closed source ones. In order not to be confused with free software, we can point out that in open source, practical benefits are given more importance than ethical or freedom issues. It is important that we mention this, because many people confuse the concept of open source development with that of free software, when they are not the same.

Open source features

As for some of the characteristics of open source, we can highlight:

  • We have access to the source code: in this way, we can modify it, correct it or add certain aspects that we find interesting. Without forgetting that it must be useful and interesting for users.
  • Access is free: the software can be obtained free of charge and can be freely modified by those interested in making improvements.
  • Possibility of avoiding monopolies proprietary software: this does not depend solely on one software manufacturer.
  • A breakthrough model: information is not hidden, and users can freely see how the system works.

Some of the best known open source software are: Ubuntu, Libre Office office suites, Firefox, Github or the VLC media player.

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