What is organizational culture?

The concept of organizational culture is linked to the idea in the field of organizational and management studies that describes the beliefs, values, psychology and attitudes, both cultural and personal, of an entity. Another more complete definition of organizational culture can be the concrete set of values ​​and norms that are shared by the different members of a organization and who manages the way of relating to each other within the company and abroad.

Characteristics of the organizational culture

Organizational culture is expressed in different ways in:

  • The ways in which the company carries out its activities, dealing with clients and workers, or with the community in general.
  • The ability and freedom to make decisions and the contribution of new ideas.
  • What is the capacity of the high command and their power to transmit their knowledge to other colleagues.
  • The commitment of workers to achieve the objectives of the group.

Another very interesting definition refers to the ideas and beliefs around the type of objectives that the company should seek, in addition to the rules of behavior that the different components of the organization must follow to achieve the proposed goals. These values ​​are based on the rules and expectations that establish the way workers behave in certain situations and the management of the conduit of the group's components to the outside world. It is about generating a certain Brand value facing the user.

Organizational culture is closely linked to the concept of corporate culture, which is the sum of the traditions, customs and meanings that make a company special. It establishes the character and the way of being of an organization, since it encompasses the vision that those responsible for the , their influence, ethical standards and a particular style that makes them different from others.

Types of organizational culture

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