What are word clouds?

Word clouds, also known as tag clouds or tag clouds, are the visual representation of the most important words that make up a text. This is one of the online business terms most used to summarize the labels of a website.

This visual representation is made with different colors and sizes. Taking into account the number of times each word appears in the text. In this way, those words that appear more times are represented with a larger size in the word cloud. The use of colors is also common to highlight some terms within the tag cloud.

It is called a word cloud because the visual representation usually has the fuzzy shape of a cloud. Currently there are many pages and applications on the Internet to create word clouds quickly and easily. Just by entering the content we want to represent in the word cloud. In addition, these applications allow you to customize the sizes and colors of the words that will form the cloud.

Uses of word clouds

Tag clouds are used to collect terms, mainly in two areas. Education and websites.

Tag clouds on websites

Word clouds are very common on web pages. They serve to summarize and focus the content of a website in tags. Taking into account the representation of each of these tags on the site. So that those topics that are more important on the web are seen with greater force through their size and color in the word cloud.

Tag clouds in education

In the educational area, word clouds are very useful to develop the capacity for synthesis. Word clouds also allow you to view the keywords of the content to be discussed or the main ideas of a topic at a glance. Also improving compression.

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