What is web analytics?

The definition of web analytics is the process through which all the information obtained by the passage of users on a specific web page is collected. Through these data it is possible to make a strategic analysis of the site in order to improve optimization.

What is web analytics?

Through the web analytics it will be possible to analyze in more detail the results of the actions of digital marketing industry, and thus make the most correct decisions for a website in order to identify the right audience and connect with it, improve marketing campaigns and optimize the website to attract more customers or sell more.

The concept of web analytics, according to the Web Analytics Association, focuses on the "measurement, processing, analysis and reporting of Internet traffic to understand and optimize the use of a website". Its purpose is not to measure the traffic of the page, but to understand it and analyze it to make improvements on it.

This web analysis can be carried out on any type of website, be it an advertising portal, a corporate page, a ecommerce or a social site.

What is web analytics for?

The web analytics serves to know in more detail the user of your web page. You will get to know what they like and what they don't like, the preferences and needs they present, and based on this information you will be able to provide a satisfactory website, with products and services that suit their needs.

Among the main web measurement tools are the following:

  • Google Analytics: it is the best known tool. It is free and will provide us with information about visitors, page views, words used in the search, etc.
  • Piwik - Free open source tool. The program must be downloaded and installed on the server.
  • The Webalizer: It is used by default in most accounts of hosting. It is a GNU free software application that analyzes the web by accessing the log files of a web server.
  • Kissmetrics: tracks each user's action in real time when they take to the site.

They are some of the best known web analytics tools although there are others such as Clicky, Woopra or W3Counter.

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