What is the target?

The concept of target refers to the 'objective' and when applied in the marketing sector it refers above all to the target audience to whom the actions of a company are directed. specific.

Among other things, the English word target has the purpose of answering a series of questions such as the public we are addressing, what are their customs and tastes and where is it located.

In the field of marketing, it is essential to know the market and the public to which a campaign is directed, in order to guide decisions much better. Sometimes the identification of the target is something as simple as listening to the demands of the customers of a business.

Therefore, the best definition of target is the intended recipient of a product or service and its corresponding promotional campaigns. The target is a construction made from Market studiesin which the situation of the different types of customers who are likely to acquire our products is investigated.

Target examples

To know a little more in depth what the target is, we will use an example. A beer company aims to bring a fruity-flavored, alcohol-free variety to the market. After a deep analysis of the market and customer tastes, it determines that the target of the product will be women between the ages of 25 and 45. This means that the new drink is more likely to be liked by this particular group in society, so advertising campaigns will try to focus on this particular sector.

Advantages of determining a target audience

Count on a profile of the potential client It is essential for success. Among the three main benefits of defining a target are the following three:

  • Cost savings by knowing what really matters.
  • Less time wasted knowing the most direct way to promote a service or item.
  • Development of an offer based on the interests of that established target.

Conoce los criterios para definir el target que debes seguir para encontrar tu público objetivo, es decir, ese grupo de personas idóneas para consumir nuestros productos o servicios.

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