What is differentiation?

Differentiation in marketing refers to a characteristic of the product that differentiates it and distinguishes it from those of the competition. The objective of having a differentiation is to provide an original, novel and unique product, which allows to stand out from the rest of the competition, and that somehow pushes consumers to choose us before others.

Therefore, a definition of differentiation is the marketing strategy based on the creation of a perception by the user that differentiates them from those of the competitors, stimulating a certain preference on them.

Types of product differentiation

In general, the differentiation is based mainly on the business innovation, although there are several kinds of differentiation:

  • In the design of the property: that it contributes to improve its use, its durability or its speed.
  • In the attributes of the product: how can it be to have an extraordinary function that the articles of the competition do not have.
  • In the model of the article: in its colors, varieties, etc.
  • In the price: with the lowest possible rates.
  • In good customer service: be decisive and facilitate the delivery of orders immediately.
  • In providing personalized attention: where customers are personally advised at the time of purchase.
  • In providing an extra service: such as a warranty service, installation or home delivery.

Through these differentiation strategies a aims to achieve the preference of consumers. However, a differentiating characteristic runs the risk of being copied by others, hence we always bet on providing something original, novel and unique, which allows us to differentiate ourselves.

Examples of product differentiation include cases such as those of Rolex, a brand recognized in the world. mercado, linked to luxury and status, or the Crocs brand, known for attributes such as shape, durability, style and confidence, in addition to the comfort it brings compared to other footwear.

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