What is notoriety?

The concept of notoriety is closely related to the strategies of marketing, in accordance with the actions carried out by the company. Notoriety is based on knowing if our target audience is aware that our brand exists. In this way, notoriety is related to the information that the user receives and has received about the brand or company. The more it is talked about, mentioned or commented on, the more notoriety our brand will gain.

Therefore, the more known and remembered the brand, the more present it will be in the user's business decisions. The brand should create impact on the client or users, to try to attract customers and that they remember it as their first option in their mind.

Positioning yourself in the mind of the consumer is of the utmost importance to improve brand awareness. Hebranding of the company is achieved through the continuous improvement of notoriety.

How to increase notoriety?

In order for our brand to gain notoriety, several different ways (or all of them) can be chosen:

  • Intensify the communication marketing variable, through promotion-advertising strategies. Throughout their lives, brands have gained notoriety through advertising in spaces suitable for them such as TV, radio, marquees, etc ...
  • Through the internet: advertising banners, collaborations, gifts to users (promotions), ...
  • Influencers: those users of social networks with a high number of followers and content similar to that offered by our company. These people are paid for offering and advertising our products to their target audience or followers.
  • Through viralization. Many companies are popular thanks to the virality of your products, announcements, news or important findings.
  • By segmenting our target audience, and better understanding the type of user to whom our product is directed.

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