Potential customer

A potential customer is a user who has a high probability that in the future they will become a regular customer and purchase one of our products or services. However, the peculiarity of this type of customer is that the purchase is not made, and they can become customers if they really manage to do so.

En marketing, a synonym for potential customers is the concept ofleads, which are those people who have the ability to buy or who show interest in doing so. They look for our product, they are interested in what we communicate as a brand and they look for information about it.

If we are a company we are interested in having leads that allow us to complete sales cycles. The more the merrier.

Classification of potential customers

We can establish 3 classifications of potential clients.

According to your purchase frequency

We can distinguish 3 types of buyers:

  • Frequent buying customer. Buy in a regular and static period.
  • Regular buying customer. They buy less intensively and frequently, although they have the ability to become a frequent buyer.
  • Occasional buying customer. Your brief interest is through offers or promotions.

According to your purchase volume

The type of customers according to this classification is based on the amount of products or services acquired in a given period of time. This depends on the type of client we have.

However, within this classification we can find those that invest a large amount and those that barely spend. The former must be taken into account with special relevance, as well as taking good care of them (which does not mean that we neglect the latter).

According to their degree of influence

This type of customer is very relative, since it depends on the degree of information available to them. Public figures, specialists, reviewers or critics have more influence than any other profile.

On the other hand, we must also take care of the groups close to the user (friends, family or colleagues) who can also be influenced by their point of view about our product / service or company.

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