What is a CRM?

The concept of CRM refers to the acronym Customer Relationship Management, a term that is used in the sector of the marketing and sales, which translated into Spanish could be defined as customer relationship management.

The meaning of CRM in marketing is the strategy focused on user satisfaction and loyalty, which is why it is sometimes also called Customer Service Management. It is framed within relationship marketing, which is what deals with customer relationships to identify their needs with the main purpose of loyalty.

What is the CRM for?

The CRM is an internal tool of the company, which will be used to manage any conversation that you have with contacts, clients and sales. Through this system it is achieved that all conversations remain in a common area, such as calls, emails or meetings, also ensuring that everything remains correctly organized.

The concept of CRM is also used in those software that are used by organizations to manage their relationships with customers.

A CRM system must meet the following characteristics:

  • Custom, which the company can adapt to your needs for easier handling.
  • Adaptable: to access in a faster way and from anywhere to our business information system.
  • Facilitate internal company communication: all movements, activities and data will be recorded so that workers can access them.

To better understand this term, we are going to identify several examples of CRM through the companies. Some real estate companies have this system to have potential clients 'under control', to know in which phase of the purchase they remain and in this way to be able to interact with them. Another good example can be certain insurance brokers, which can classify users according to whether they are individuals or companies and the type of insurance they take out, be it travel, life or car.


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