What is a property?

The term property is used to define all the goods that are inseparably attached to a floor. Assets that are considered real estate are usually called real estate or estates. These can be plots -built or not-, warehouses, houses or premises. The properties also have a series of characteristics common to all of them.

Property characteristics

These are some of the characteristics of the properties:

Property records

Real estate is officially registered in the property registers. Each property is registered in the registry that corresponds to its locality, which serves as a guarantee and protection of the rights that exist over property for its owners.

Real estate tax

El property tax, also known as IBI, taxes the property of real estate in relation to the declared or verified value for each one of them and annually.

Garantía hipotecaria

Real estate is used in the financial market as the main object of collateral mortgage, this being one of the main differences between real estate and personal property.

Property types

Within the properties we find two main categories, under which the vast majority of properties fall:

Urban real estate

Urban properties are those found within the areas called and classified as urban, usually warehouses, buildings, houses and premises located in the urban area or its surroundings.

Rustic properties

Rustic properties are those that are found within the areas classified as rustic in urban planning, usually fields, farms or cultivation and, in general, lands used for livestock, agricultural and forestry activities. Within what is called rustic real estate are also piers and extraction mines.

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