What is the Microenvironment?

A microenvironment refers to the forces close to the company that have the ability to interfere with the way a product or service is marketed.

From the point of view of marketing, the microenvironment is related to the microeconomía of a company which, in turn, is nothing more than the study of the economic behavior of companies and their interaction with the markets.

The study of the microenvironment will allow us to better understand the factors that intervene in the process of creating, transporting and selling said product or service. That is, to know what are the forces or factors that can influence the service or product.

Unlike the concept of macroenvironment, the company does have the power or ability to manage these factors with some freedom so that it can influence in the way it wants. This depends on factors such as the size of the , financial resources, knowledge of your clients or others.

Microenvironment classification

We can classify the microenvironment into two elements:

  • Internal microenvironment. It is the one related to the company. It refers to the alignment between objectives and departmental plans of a company.
  • External microenvironment. On the other hand, suppliers, competitors, customers, intermediaries or stakeholders (interest groups) that influence or may have influence on the company and its decisions from a marketing point of view. As an example we can include the negotiations of the Suppliers, market study of clients or potential clients, access to financing, etc.

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