What is a sales funnel?

The meaning of sales funnel, also known as sales funnel, is the way in which a company plans to attract a customer. This refers to the time the user contacts the company until the purchase is completed or the deposit is made. Through the sales funnel we will be able to know which part of the process is failing and in this way to be able to solve it to improve the conversion rateof our business.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a system, usually automated, that is designed to increase sales through a process that converts readers or known users into customers or not. This technique is used above all in the processes of attracting users of the e-Commerce.

Although it depends on the company, the person in charge of designing and monitoring the sales funnel will be the department of marketing, especially because it is necessary to use sales analysis and prospecting techniques that are not usually present in other areas of the organization. In Negokai They have a complete guide to building an effective sales funnel that helps improve the performance of your online store.

How to make a sales funnel?

If you have questions about how to make a sales funnel or conversion funnel correctly to improve the conversion of your business or website, below we show you the different phases of the process.

  • 1st stage - Lead or contact: refers to the period in which the client finds us and the funnel begins to fill with contacts.
  • 2nd stage - Prospectus: in this phase it is necessary to identify and classify the contacts harvested in the first stage. If we are able to correctly filter potential customers, we will save a lot of effort in the commercial section over time.
  • 3rd stage - Opportunity: this is when the potential client begins to be interested in an offer or content. Also included in this stage is the action of contacting the user by the company and the interest of the client.
  • Stage 4 - Classification: it will now be possible to specify the needs of customers to provide them with a suitable service or item.
  • 5th stage - Closing: it is the last step of the sales funnel. It refers to the closing of the negotiation, when the client accepts the purchase.

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