What is a collaborative CRM?

The CRM concept, acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is a customer relationship management solution, designed above all to manage three main areas such as marketing, commercial management and customer or after-sales service. The definition of CRM is an application or software that allows to centralize all the interactions between a company and its customers in a single database. It is part of a strategy designed for the user, where the main objective is to improve customer service and relationships.

There are several ways to qualify a CRM, which is known as a tool, program, software or application, where any conversation that the company has with a client or a potential user it will be registered in a common area and accessible to all. These conversations can be calls, notes, tasks, emails and tasks that appear in the day-to-day relationships they maintain with users.

What is collaborative CRM?

One of the most used types of CRM is collaborative CRM. This CRM model is responsible for the interaction that occurs between the client and the company through the different communication channels. To do this, register all the channels used such as e-mail, telephone, etc. In this way, the company can offer you products that suit your needs, depending on the channel used.

With collaborative CRM software it is possible to share and expand the existing knowledge of a specific client, in order to better understand their needs and anticipate them. It compiles all the details of the commercial transactions, keeping a detailed history. In addition to knowing the customer's demands, it also helps to build loyalty.

What is collaborative CRM for?

When finding all the organized information of the users in the same program, three aspects of the CRM can be highlighted:

  • Improve company-customer interaction
  • A multi-channel communication is established between the different departments of the company
  • The salespeople will be able to sell more due to the follow-up that is made of the sales in a single click. You will have personalized information for each client.
  • Managers will be more efficient since having all the information at hand will not waste so much time on searches.
  • It improves communication within the company and abroad since it can know the status of a client and the task they have to perform.
  • Eliminate duplication of data entry tasks

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