What is USP?

The term USP is the acronym for "Unique Selling Proposition", which in Spanish means Unique Selling Proposal. This concept refers to the proposal that our store makes to differentiate itself from the competition, something that makes it unique and with which it can stand out that others do not have.

We can talk about USP when it brings a benefit that really sets it apart from the rest. Thus, the business is known thanks to the profit it presents.

For this, the business must specialize in a market or niche that reports the profitability enough for this, having to move away from the more general market. This can create controversy in believing that it can cause losses, although it is not entirely the case. Moreover, if we specialize in a specific market we will get more benefits than by generalizing the shares to broader markets.

Offering added value is essential so that the client knows what we are offering him and not the competition. It is that item, service or extra that you can get in us but not in others.

In order to offer this added value, we must correctly define the USP that we are going to propose. We have to take into account the following aspects in order to achieve this:

  • Define the ideal type of consumer that we would like to have: their characteristics (age, income, where they live, etc.) and what actions they want to take.
  • Evaluate the competition. What are the USPs it provides, how can we overcome them, how are we and what differentiates us from them, how do we improve, what are their weaknesses and strengths, etc.
  • Deliver what no one gives you. Deliver to our client those aspects that our competition is not able to offer or does not contemplate.
  • Communicate correctly to mercado what is our Unique Sales Proposal, explaining in detail our products, the differences that we present with respect to the competition, etc.

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