What is a trademark?

A brand is a symbol, a word or set of words with which a product, service or company is named and named.

The trademark is considered a registered trademark when the pertinent procedures are carried out for it. Before any of the official bodies responsible for the registration of trademarks that exist at the national, community or international level.

The registration of the trademark implies a right over it. By registering a trademark, its owner has the possibility to prohibit or allow its use. The registration of a trademark is valid for ten years. During this period, the registration holder may use the trademark exclusively.

Trademarks normally serve to protect the improper use of the mark by a third party outside of it. In addition to guaranteeing the exclusivity of use to its owner.

We can classify registered trademarks into three types, depending on the type of procedure and the trademark office to which we are going.

Types of Trademarks

These are the three types of registered trademarks that exist, depending on whether the registration is made for Spain, the European Union or the rest of non-EU countries:

  • Spanish Registered Trademark. Registration takes place at the OEPM. Spanish office of the patents and brand. In this case, registered trademarks are protected for the entire national territory.
  • Community Registered Trademark. Registration takes place at OHIM. Office for the Amortization of the Internal Market. In this case, the registered trademarks are valid and protected throughout the community territory of the European Union.
  • International Registered Trademark. Registration takes place at WIPO. World Intellectual Property Organization. In this case, trademarks are protected in more than 85 countries around the world. Being able to expand the coverage for more countries if desired.

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