What is telemarketing?

The area of marketing of all companies it has been, to this day, almost essential. It is enough to look at any company that has succeeded or has done so, since such a department exists or has existed in them.

However, marketing has undergone (and will continue to do so) many transformations thanks to the advancement of technology, which has allowed companies companies exponentiate your earnings. Telemarketing is not far behind: it is a concept that explains the relationship between the company and the consumer or potential client by any means of telecommunication (telephone, mobile, Internet, fax, etc.).

Thanks to previous purchases, user surveys, contests, etc., the information necessary to make contact with the user is known. This contact can be a call, an email, an SMS notification, etc.

Care must be taken with the information that is rescued from other users, or from the data purchased from third parties. Due to various regulations, the privacy and private information of the user must be safeguarded, and it should only be used with their express consent. Otherwise, you could have legal problems using your data.

Telemarketing has its clear advantages, since it is an effective means of communication if you also receive a promotion or discount. In addition, compared to this method, the sales force applied by the advisor on the user is usually quite strong, since it informs a product or service very effectively.

It is possible that, in addition to promotions, the user can purchase the product from home, which would earn a point in favor of the company. In addition, the user will be able to resolve all the doubts she has about the product or service that she is going to acquire with the advisor who is offering her service. Also, transportation costs and time will be saved.

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