What on a landing page?

The meaning of landing page is a preliminary web page or landing page where you want to highlight something in particular, be it the promotion of a product or something new. They are designed to convert visitors into customers.

The great advantage of landing pages is the ability to direct the user to a new site where they are provided with relevant information to close the purchase of a product or service, instead of the company's website.

They usually use a consultation form and in the event that the user shows interest, they will end up filling in the aforementioned form, where they will provide their data.

What is a landing page for?

The operation of a landing page or landing page should be simple. In the case of providing a quality product at an economical price, which manages to capture the user's attention, the user will show more interest when requesting budget. What you are looking for, in short, is to obtain a service or product you need at a price that is interesting to you.

How should a landing page be?

For a landing page to be correctly optimized for conversion, it must take into account a series of aspects:

  • Your content should offer the products that users demand.
  • Present a good offer: what the company offers must be received by the customer as something useful and valuable to them.
  • The landing page must be consistent with what the person is demanding, taking into account their position in the purchase process.

In addition, a landing page must meet the following characteristics:

  • Written clearly and concisely.
  • Detail the importance of the offer for people.
  • For the information to be understandable, the lists should be used.
  • Define the appropriate number of fields for the form.
  • Delete the main menu and the links that may distract the potential customer.
  • Incorporate icons to share on social networks.
  • Possibility of using testimonials if they are going to add relevant content.

Examples of landing pages include those that use eye-catching titles, with concise messages that lead to action, such as 'Request more information', 'Free download'. Try to use images that evoke positive feelings and closeness. Without a doubt, the form is essential for the conversion. It should not include more than five fields.

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