What is analytical CRM?

When we talk aboutCRM(Customer Relationship Management), we refer to the set of objectives aimed at managing customer relationships. Technology, as well as the correct and proper functioning of the software, is essential for this task to be carried out.

Specifically, when we talk about analytical CRM we refer to the system capable of integrating the data collected by customers in a database to determine the behavior of the potential consumer of our brand, product or service.

Características del CRM analítico

Under this approach, the free CRM system that is analytical is based on analyzing consumer behavior and trying to improve it to offer better services. In addition, with the information that is recovered, personalized actions are designed for specific customer groups (segmentation), to later evaluate and measure the commercial actions that have been launched on the market.

This information can be generated by different sources: generated by the company itself (internal information), by agents outside the company (external), by consumers, or by other bodies whose information is reliable.

Analytical CRM is also known by the name of Business Intelligence. This system performs functions such as data collection, ordering or transforming it into relevant information for the company and presenting it in an orderly and precise manner to make the appropriate decisions.

The main utility of this system is decision-making in the field of marketing, as well as taking advantage of certain aspects in the company that would not be possible without this system. In other functions, we find:

  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Sales force efficiency
  • Know the channels of contact preferred by customers
  • Customization of actions to clients
  • Know the product to offer based on the information collected, offers to launch, etc.
  • Predict behaviors from the information obtained

Types of CRM

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