What is cybersecurity?

User data information is a topic that is up to date due to the importance that has been given in recent years. So much so, that laws such as the LOPD or others that ensure user safety have been modified so that this area is improved.

Specifically, cybersecurity or internet security refers to the set of techniques or procedures that ensure the safety of users who share information between computer systems.

For a long time, cybersecurity has been increased by the rise of new hacking systems, shipping or other means that try to obtain important information from users while browsing the Internet.

Cybersecurity in companies

This supposes a change at the computer level, of information and Internet configuration to ever newer levels and adapting to the new needs that arise. Also, goals Business are modified by this boom, in addition to thinking more about the user when carrying out their strategies.

Cybersecurity implies that companies must be prepared for any attack they receive, have plans for how to react and what action to take so that they are “not caught by surprise”. This security must involve databases, metadata, files, hardware, computers and everything that is susceptible to risk due to loss of information or theft.

Threats caused by attacks can be caused by:

  • "Hackers" who, under or without service, try to find certain information from the users of a web page because they require them or seek a reward for their sale.
  • Malicious or harmful programs. They usually have the same function, but they rescue the information through a computer program that is installed in the companies' hardware databases.
  • Programming errors. A failure can cause some data or actions on a website to become unbalanced.
  • Electronic failures, claims or catastrophes that, for external reasons, damage user information.

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