What is Sass?

Saas (also called software as a service) refers to software that enables users and employees of a connect to applications whose information is stored in the cloud over the Internet to be able to use it later. An example of this is email, calendars and some office tools (in which we can include Google Drive).

The software used can be paid or a freemium account (free of monthly fees). In the case of payment, a person is responsible for making the payment on the application so that the other users of your organization can make use of it. It is enough that they have an internet connection so that they can access.

The underlying infrastructure, middleware (software that sits between an operating system and the applications that run on it), software, and application data are located in this provider's data center (the cloud). He supplier manages the hardware and software and ensures the availability and security of the application and its data. Thanks to this software stored in the cloud, many organizations will be able to get up and running and run the necessary applications at minimal cost.

Advantages of Saas

Regarding the advantages of Saas, we can highlight:

  • We can get access to sophisticated applications. In an easy way, without installing any application and without having any computer idea, you can establish a communication system and important data storage.
  • We pay fairly for what we use.
  • The use of the software is free for part of the users who connect.
  • Easily mobilize staff or manager to access this type of software.
  • Access to this type of information from any device that has the necessary resources for it.

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