What is a server?

The definition of a server is a computer or other type of computer equipment that is responsible for supplying information to a series of clients, whether they are people or other devices connected to it. The data it can transmit is varied and multiple, from computer programs, databases, text, image or video files, etc.

What is a web server?

A web server, in any case, can mention two concepts. On the one hand, to the server software, and on the other, to the computer on which the server software is running. In the case of the latter, it is also called a host.

In general, servers provide basic services within a network, either for private users within a company or organization, or for public users through the Internet.

Therefore, a server is a computer equipment that is part of a network and that provides services to other equipment.

Types of servers

There are several classes of server depending on the content and function. Among the most common types of servers are the database server, mail server, file server, web server, print server, or application server.

  • Web server: stores HTML documents, scripts, text files, images and all data-formatted web material, in addition to distributing this content.
  • Database server - Provides database services to other programs or other computers.
  • Mail server: receives, sends, stores and performs email-related operations for network users.
  • Security server: it has specialized software to prevent malicious intrusions. They have antispyware and antivirus, in addition to having reducing firewalls.
  • Remote access server: in charge of controlling the modem lines of the monitors or other communication channels of the network so that the requests connect to the network of a remote location.
  • Proxy server: performs a certain type of functions on behalf of other users on the network to increase the performance of some operations.

Server examples include Apache, Microsoft II S, Sun Java System Web Server, Ngnix, and Lighttp.

Difference between server and hosting

There are several differences between a server and a hosting. Next, we show them:

  • The server is the machine or computer that remains connected to the Internet providing different resources and the hosting it would be a hosting space on the server using certain technical resources. Therefore, when hiring a server you will have more technical resources than hosting.
  • There can be several hostings on the same server.
  • Servers are usually less cheap than hosting, but it is the most advisable option if you want to have more control over technical resources.

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