What is Employer Branding?

The concept of employer branding refers to the construction, by companies, of a brand as an employer, aimed at workers. It is based on the creation of strategies and actions that generate a positive image in the people who work for the company, and that have an impact on the labor market.

Benefits of employer branding

The objective of employer branding is to make workers have a good image of the company and are interested in working for it. This is where you can see some of the benefits of employer branding, since it is possible for the best talents to approach your company on their own feet, without having to go looking for them, or carry out long selection processes to find the perfect candidate. .

Another of the advantages of employer branding is to bring the company closer to the employees so that they feel part of it and are comfortable in their workplace. All of this creates a community work environment that improves worker motivation and enables the team to work towards higher goals.

With the employer branding actions, some large companies such as Google or Netflix have managed to be the workplace for many people. The freedom or flexibility of schedules, free services for workers, recreational activities in the company or help for employees are some examples of employer branding that many organizations are already doing to improve their image in front of workers.

Discover much more information about how it works, the characteristics or actions of employer branding, and start implementing it in your organization.

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