What is marketing?

The concept of marketing has many meanings. This English term that could be translated into Spanish as marketing, is the discipline oriented to the analysis of the behavior of markets and consumers. He is in charge of studying the commercial management of businesses in order to attract and retain customers through products or services that meet their needs.

Marketing characteristics

The term marketing focuses on a series of basic aspects such as the following:

  • The objective of the company is to satisfy a series of needs that a specific group of customers have. There's a target on which to focus.
  • A good market research program will be necessary to identify user tastes and needs.
  • Entities understand that by offering the best service to satisfy consumers' wishes, they will be able to retain customers and gain their good opinion, which will be essential to achieve their objectives.

Marketing objectives

Marketing aims to get to know the customer as well as possible so that the services and products it offers are adjusted to their needs.

  • Seek to meet the needs of consumers through a series of coordinated activities, while helping the company achieve its goals. For this the organization you should research, distribute the products to customers, and continue to tailor the items to keep them current to market preferences.
  • Regulate the demand for products, so that the entity can access its goals. When there is a negative demand, for example, which is when people have unfavorable opinions, it would be necessary to use conversion marketing to change the image. On the other hand, if there is no demand because it is a secondary good, such as naturopathic items, cigarettes or alcohol, the job of marketing consists of stimulating demand by generating a desire in the consumer.

Marketing in a company is responsible for making a series of strategic decisions that influence most aspects of the organization with the aim of improving it. For this, it is necessary to create a marketing plan in which all the market study carried out is developed and where the actions and decisions taken to achieve the objectives are reflected. Know all the information about the business marketing plan and the steps to design it.

Plan marketing

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