What is the buzz?

The term buzz, which literally translates to buzz, is applied in the industry marketing digital. In a generic way, buzz is the state of the opinion of a market about a product or brand.

But also, when talking about buzz associating it with a search term, it refers to the fact that this term is generating massive interest in users, which translates into a greater number of searches and a greater presence of said term.

Buzz is therefore the goal that all digital marketing campaigns aim to achieve, which is none other than being on everyone's lips, generating conversations and creating links between those who recommend or accept the product and those who are willing. to buy it. Buzz marketing campaigns are created based on this objective.

In short, buzz marketing is based on the application of techniques that cause users and consumers to talk about a certain product, brand or service. It is also commonly known by the name of word of mouth.

Buzz Marketing Development

To implement buzz marketing or buzz marketing in the case of a product, the most common is to start by offering free samples of it to some consumers selected for their influence or impact. These consumers They will comment on the product, in a way that creates not only a set of information, but also a positive influence on your purchase.

With the development of new technologies, buzz marketing goes much further. Today we find examples of brands, products or services that have gone viral. In many cases this happens to them without even trying, when a video or image is shared massively by users and consumers.

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