What is market intelligence or Marketing Intelligence?

Market intelligence or Marketing Intelligence It is the process by which unprocessed data is obtained with the aim of transforming it and generating knowledge applicable to our business.

Among some of the data that we can analyze, we include:

  • Trends of market niche;
  • Proficiency;
  • Relationship with customers;
  • Behavior and tastes of the public;
  • Relationship with Suppliers;
  • Others...

Mediante el Marketing Intelligence, las empresas son capaces de tomar mejores decisiones, lo que a su vez mejora los resultados y hace que las estrategias empresariales se cumplan de forma satisfactoria.

However, it is necessary for companies to invest in tools capable of adapting relevant data so that they can later transform it into relevant information through analysis. This is complemented by the market researchIt is common for companies to hire experts or train their employees in these complex techniques.

Why invest in market research?

The world has really become accessible to everyone thanks to the Internet. Because of this, the information grows and grows by the minute. The normal thing is that we take measures in the matter and we are able to manage all this information in the best possible way. He Big Data help make this possible.

However, research is essential so that the companies know how to offer their users what they are looking for. Their tastes and preferences are increasingly different and we, as businesses, must specialize and offer what they are looking for.

As a company we must understand that we are here to offer the user what they are looking for. We do not have to offer just any product, but what they want.

Advantages of implementing Marketing Intelligence in your business

Among some advantages, we highlight:

  • Get our decisions right and improve the company's results.
  • Meet our target audiences and to our potential clients: to be able to solve their problems, find new niches and give them more effective solutions.
  • Find out the perception that consumers have of our brand.
  • Get to know our competition in a better way.
  • Develop new features, products, services, ways of doing things, etc.
  • Track trends.

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