What is a microsite?

The concept of microsite refers to an additional website, usually of a smaller size, to make or support campaigns of digital marketing industrywith a limited duration. It is used primarily to provide information for the market introduction of new services, products or events.

What is a microsite for?

To better understand this concept we will use an example. When a user clicks on one of the banners hired on web portals, said internet user will reach their microsite instead of the corporate website. In this way, only the information and details that are really important for the product to be promoted are provided. In general, the design differs from the corporate design, although we try to respect the colors so as not to lose the corporate identity Company.

How to make a microsite?

Therefore, a microsite is a promotional web page that is created with a specific objective, such as to publicize a service or article. It is independent of a main website and has its own URL.

The web design must be impressive, trying to convey the values ​​of the product. It is also necessary to choose a good domain so that the user can more easily remember the action and that it has nothing to do with that of the main web.

Examples of a microsite could be the page of a temporary museum exhibition or a campaign by a computer company to present new equipment or a specific offer.

An advertising microsite contributes to significantly improve sales figures. In fact, it is considered an effective tool for marketing, which among other things provides important advantages, such as a greater focus, improves positioning SEO, distancing itself from the 'mother' brand or adapting to seasonality.

Therefore, it must be differentiated from the website and landing page, terms that are often confused with microsite.

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