What is guerilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that uses unconventional techniques and requires a minimum investment to obtain the widest media coverage through these proposals. This system, therefore, does things that others do not and tries to surprise the user with unusual actions that in some cases are not considered as advertising.

A guerrilla marketing campaign must be something new, that has not been done before, and that causes people to share it and offer that free publicity that every brand wants.

This method is very useful when you have a limited budget to develop specific actions of marketingInstead of spending large amounts of money on advertising in traditional media, it is decided to invest in imagination, energy and time.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

There are a series of guerrilla marketing activities that manage to impact the target audience:

  • Flashmobs: although it is not a common advertising technique, these meetings with many people to carry out a specific action in a public place are the most effective.
  • Ambient marketing: it is about choosing a public space with a large influx of people and transforming it to send our advertising campaign through it.
  • Viral videos: it would consist of creating a video on YouTube that would capture the public's attention, getting it to be viewed by millions of people.
  • Covert advertising: this strategy is repeated quite frequently in the world of digital marketing industry. This is the case, for example, of youtubers who make videos mentioning different products and recommending them to encourage purchase.

Examples of guerilla marketing include, for example, flash mobs in a shopping center with a group of people dancing to the rhythm of the songs of a series with the intention of promoting it or the ambient marketing of Kit Kat, which has occupied many public spaces forming a combination between the brand and those places, such as park benches, where the wood of the seat seems to take the shape of its chocolate bars coming out of the container. With this strategy they got everyone to talk about them without investing anything.

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