What is engagement?

The term engagement is used in the business world to define the level of involvement and commitment of a worker with his organization. A translation of engagement can be loyalty or commitment.

An employee's engagement is reflected in the results of their work and in the level of involvement, translating at the same time into better job performance and personal satisfaction.

What is engagement?

From a psychological point of view, this concept can be defined as a positive state of accomplishment that the worker experiences with respect to his tasks in the company. An involved person feels their work as something fun and exciting, which can produce moments of satisfaction, and not as an overwhelming burden.

The opposite of engagement is burnout, which refers to the syndrome of being fed up with work and everything that surrounds you.

For its part, marketing engagement is the level of connection that a specific user establishes with a brand or . There is the possibility of measuring it through a degree of identification and emotional connection, where the client recommends them and defends them before other users.

Every firm sets the goal of achieving good engagement in marketing o marketing as this will help you achieve better results in the market.

This term is also often used related to social networks, to calculate the level of engagement of a social media campaign you can use this tool and you will obtain the degree of commitment of your users. Social networks are used as channels of communication with the public. In this case, the connection and loyalty of users to the brand is measured by taking as a reference the numbers that give off the interaction and involvement of users in the conversations and comments generated by the firm. You only need to stimulate people's participation to achieve a high level of engagement, and for this it is necessary to provide them with content of interest.

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